Brew to Brew 44ish Mile Relay Race Report


Way back three weeks ago on April 3rd I ran The Brew to Brew Relay race.  This year the race was ran from The Roasterie in Kansas City, MO to Lawrence, KS. I'm just posting about it now because it's been a busy month and I've been a little lazy with the blog posts. I had originally signed up for this race with the Run 816 running team group and that was all I was going to do for racing that weekend.  Totally reasonable but then a free entry to Rockin K 50 miler practically fell into my lap.  An entire weekend of running it was!  After running 50 miles on Saturday I wasn't real sure how I'd do on Sunday but my theme is "it'll be fine."  Turns out it was fine. Getting up early Sunday morning after a solid 5 hours of sleep my ability to walk was pretty good and I managed to get packed up and to the Run 816 store by 6am.

I met my team for the first time and we picked out which legs to run,  I said I was fine with whatever so I got Leg 1 for 4ish miles and leg 7 for 6ish miles.

I was happy to be the 1st starting out.  Get the 1st part of my miles over with and except for some underpasses that people use as trash cans it was a pretty run.  The sun was just rising and the wind was still pretty clam.  Running a little slower than usual but didn't feel like I needed to walk.  I mean I may have rather crawled into bed ate a pizza, a box of Oreos and slept for 10 hours but whatever I was there to run.

The time went by fast after my leg was done.  My teammates that I had just met were all cool so it was a fun time.  I was on to leg 7 before I realized it.  I admit I was a little annoyed that I was getting past by guys who wouldn't be passing me on another day.  I'm fairly certain they didn't run 50 miles the day before.  Supposedly there was a boat you could take in the middle of leg 7 somewhere and drop your mileage down by a mile but I saw no such boat and just ran the whole thing. It was a pretty windy day out and the whole race was out in the open with several stretches on gravel roads.  Lucky for me I didn't get any of those legs, they looked less fun with all the dust from cars passing by. Overall the weather was great and I got to see many other runners I know at aid stations.  My team was great and they didn't seem to mind that they had an old lady on the team.

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