Fast Can Be Fun at the Trolley Run

Last Sunday I went for a different race than my usual distance or terrain.  I did the Trolley Run.  It is the fastest 4 miler in the US and it's right in KC.  They said over 6000 people participated in this years event.  Now crowds are usually something I like to avoid.  One of the things I love about ultra races is not that many people like to do them, makes front row parking easy.  They manage the crowds super well at this race though.  They have you park in The Plaza area of Kansas City which has tons of parking at 7:00 on a Sunday morning.  Then they use city buses to move everyone 4 miles up the street making the race all downhill.  They are super efficient at this, we were later than planned and made it to the race about 10 minutes before the start.  I had time to move myself up towards the front.  Not the front, those people are crazy fast but I didn't want to be dodging walkers and strollers.

Trolley Run Time

It was great weather out and actually got a little hot during the run.  Went by super fast and I felt like I pushed it.  Though probably could have pushed it a little more, always can. age             overall     division      females     time            pace
Kristen Weigand F3539 229 8/623 29/3887 27:32 6:53
First race I have recently ran that I didn't make time for pictures during the race.  My sister Beth ran it too and I saw a bunch of fellow runners I know at the finish line, super fun! After the race I met up with my daughter Gretchen and my parents for the Kids' Trolley Run.  It was held at Mill Creek Park on the east side of the Plaza in Kansas City.  They had a lot of pre race fare; snacks, face painting, Warpaint the Chiefs horse, yoga and more.

The kids run itself was pretty short.  I think the 5 and 6 year olds could have had a longer race but whatever.  Notice Gretchen didn't make the rookie mistake of wearing the race shirt at the race and has her Garmin ready to go at the start.  She did a great job running by herself and finishing.  Everyone wins when you are 5 so she got a participation ribbon.

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