My First Triathlon: Signing Up and Making a Training Plan

I have thought about completing  a Triathlon lots as it's on my list of things to do.  Though I have mostly thought about entering a triathlon when I have been injured from running.  Last year when I had to take a lot of break time from running thanks to the plantar fasciitis issues I needed some cardio.  I started trying a little biking and a little swimming.  But I didn't really have any real goals for completing one so as I could start running again I jumped right back into all running all the time.  If I would of had someone else training to do a tri with I might have been I lot more motivated to tri one out.  If your friends are doing it , blah blah blah.

Olathe Medical Center Women's Triathlon on September 10th will be my first.

I was super excited last week when I was asked to participate and be an ambassador for the Olathe Medical Center Women's Triathlon.  It is a sprint Tri consisting of a 500 meter swim, 10.6 mile bike and 5k run.  Perfect for a first time tri participate.  They will be hosting training events to help get everywomen ready up until the Triathlon on September 10th at Kill Creek Park in Olathe. Swimming is hard.  Like it doesn't seem like it should be that big of deal for someone in decent shape but ugh it is.  I think I wrote a post last year about how much I was enjoying trying to swim when I couldn't run.  The swim is 500 meters in a lake. Biking is not that hard but I kinda get scared on a bike.  Scared of crashing and hurting myself.  I just don't feel that steady or secure.  That said I did do this crazy ride a bike down a mountain thing once and I competed in this weird obstacle course relay bike/ run event once called the Dirty Duo.  So I have ridden a bike in a race before.  I think I do better when I don't have time to think about it, just do it.    So get over it and do it anyway is the plan here.  Plan on going at least a weekly bike ride to get myself hopefully more comfortable though.  The bike ride is 10.6 miles, the distance doesn't seem like a big deal just the not falling part.
The two pictures I found in my computer involving a bike and me.  The left is from September the last time I road one and on the right was from that time I was crazy and rode the bike down a mountain a couple of times. The last part of the race evolves running.  I think I have that part down.  It is a 5k distance. After the swimming the thing I'm most concerned about is the transitions between each one.  Finding your stuff, changing your stuff, leaving your stuff then mentally switching over to your next leg of the event quickly.

Have you ever done a Triathlon?  Want to Tri out your first one with me?

 I have a few discounted race entries so hit me up if like me you're ready to knock this off your life list.

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