Ode To My Dirt Pink Compression Socks

My mind and body might still be a little blurry from this past weekend.  On Saturday   I ran The Rockin K 50 miler.  Race report coming soon, I know you can't wait(or don't care, whichever.)  Then Sunday I ran Brew to Brew on one of the Run816 relay teams.  Only doing about 10 miles on Sunday but I was a little wore out.  I got a bit too much sun and jumped right back into real life on Monday living the good life as a waitress. On Saturday I wore my hot pink compression socks because they have treated me so well at all my ultra races since my first 50 miler 2 years ago.  They were a Christmas present from my sister and I loved doing long distance in them.  They were my first pair of compression socks, I have since bought more but only worn these at my 40, 50 and 100 mile races.  My feet and legs feel fresh in them and no blisters while running in them so how could I not continue to wear them.  My lucky running socks.  Then on Saturday after the race I found they had worn down and a hole had broke through the toe.  They have lost some of their brightness and elasticity so probably time to use a new pair.

Dirt Pink Compression Socks

You hug my feet and calfs so tightly Never bunching or rubbing
 Miles and miles
 You have keep my feet blister free
Miles and miles
dirt, gravel, sand we have traveled Started out hot pink
Miles and miles
You are now a dirt pink We raced together well  
 I'm really bad at poetry but I did like those socks.

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