Training to Finish Races Like a Boss

I have two races coming up in the next six months that I'm wanting to put my energy towards to really see how well I do at them.  I don't want to waste my time, energy, money to go these events to not put it all out there.  I want to train to finish races like it's my job to do so. In 12 weeks I have Never Summer 100k.  This event is big for me!  I've run a few ultras at this point but this one is in the Mountains.  Different altitude than I'm used to, different terrain than I'm used to, also the first ultra that isn't a looped course.  It's not the first race I've traveled for but it is a ways a way so driving or flying needs to be figured out and all of the random details,  and I want to feel going in that I'm totally ready to run this race even though I don't really know for sure what it'll be like.

Training To Finish Race Like a Boss

*For the next 10 weeks I need to be getting high on mileage. *As much trail and incline in as I can find. *Keep up with lifting the heavy weights 6x's a week. *Going to read the course info and directions before race.  Like really read the course directions.  I normally scan race info a night or two before races. * I'm going to try to incorporate at least one bike ride and one swim practice in each week to help get ready for the Olathe Medical Center Women's sprint tri on September 10th.  The cross training won't hurt me either with all the running I'll have going on.

Then in August after the race I can lighten up on the running mileage and do a little more biking and swimming to get me all mentally prepared for the Tri.  Angela, a fellow ambassador for the OMC Tri, suggested spending plenty of quality time in the events you are less comfortable in. The distances are short and I'm currently in good enough shape for the 10 mile bike and 5k run no problem.  The biking I could still use a little mental work though, it sounds crazy but I'm always scared of crashing.  Not to the point I couldn't ride but it's just there in my head.  Then there is the swimming, I need to work on that for sure!  Swimming is just so different and I'd like to be able to just swim the whole 500m straight through, no stopping every 30 seconds.  

I'm really excited about being an ambassador for this upcoming Tri and learning with everyone else how it's all going to go down.  There are two awesome other women who are also ambassadors for the Tri.  Angela and Denise, they have both done multiple Triathlon so I can probably learn a lot from them!  Check out our Bios on the Olathe Medical Center Tri Info page.  Then maybe sign up and Tri this race out with me! Check Out:  When I first decided to train and run Never Summer.

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