How to Rock Running in the Heat

The temps have been getting up in the 90's here in Kansas City, Missouri for a few weeks now and I am loving running in the heat!  I'm a hot weather gal so while a few degrees cooler might be more ideal for outdoor exercise I'm not complaining or taking all my miles indoors.  That said when it's this hot out if you don't love the heat or are new to running outdoors it is probably way more reasonable to take your workouts indoors.  I'm not the most reasonable person, I love to sweat and find the heat and outdoors super energizing.

Rock Running in the Heat

Really Good Ideas:

Workout in the early morning or late evening when it's a little cooler and the sun is not overhead.

I rarely get to pick the time of day I workout my day usually picks it for me but if you can pick early morning is ideal.

Find some shade

I like to head to the trails for hot weather runs(and all runs) but this keeps the sun off of you and you stay cooler.

Keep it short

You are going to be working harder so work less.

Half in/ Half out

With a shorter workout outside I have time for more inside the gym.

Have electrolytes for workouts over an hour when you're not keeping it short

Sports drink or I like Nuun(no sugar)  but whatever works for you.

Not loving it? Quit

Not worth overheating and making yourself sick.


I need to work on this one but a sunburn will not make you feel cooler.

Don't worry about your planned workout, go by feel

I'm not someone who schedules out their runs.  I just go out and run 4-15 miles mostly depending on how much time I have but just what I feel like that day too.  I realize most people like to plan things out a bit more. But when it's super hot keeping it more casual will make it more fun.  

Must dos:

Light colored clothes/ less clothes

Otherwise you'll just be hotter.

Have water on you or within a couple of minutes of you

Water is a must!

Listen to your body and what it can handle that day

If your body is done after 3 miles even though you wanted 5 is probably better to just be done, maybe finish up in the gym later.

What's your favorite way to deal with the heat?

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