Getting Ready To Run: Never Summer 100k

Just short of a week out from the big Never Summer  100k and aside from a few small things I think I'm ready to go. Workouts don't matter now because as someone told me "the hay is in the barn." Time to take it a little easy and arrive fresh and ready to run!

New for this Never Summer 100k:

Mountains:  I've never ran them but I like hills. Pretty much the same right? Course map and directions:  Trying this new thing where I look at the map and directions beforehand.  I even printed off the directions to study. New race vest, I bought an upgraded version of the UltrAspire I had and loved. This one holds another liter of water and has more space so I can stuff an extra water bottle, rain jacket, hat, headlamp and so much more in it.

Headlamp and vest, obviously not the race outfit.
Headlamp: I bought the Black Diamond Icon it is serious and has 320 lumes. Not messing around with seeing at night in the mountains. Playlist: Headphones are frowned upon during the race and I never wear them while running trail anyway but I made a list of songs to sing for trail time entertainment and to let the bears know I'm around so I don't surprise them and they eat me(kidding, not kidding I hope I don't see any bears.) Either way I hope Dennis is excited to listen to the entire playlist over and over again on the 11 hour drive up so I have all the words ingrained in my brain. Also Courtney lets sing some of these together. I have no taste in music but I feel like these songs are going to keep me going. Plus I pretty much already know these songs by heart. My friend Dennis and I will be driving up on Friday picking my sister up in Denver then heading to packet pick up.  Hopefully getting a little sleep in our hotel room and the race starts at 5:30 Saturday morning. My sister will be joining me at mile 50ish to finish off the last 14 miles with me.  Courtney has been checking out some trails and ran a few trail races this year to prepare.  She did her research and made a great pacer ready checklist here!  I think she will be great company for the end of the race!  I know she'll keep up because bears(haha.)  

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