Psycho Psummer Trail Racing in Kansas


Psycho Psummer 50k race is this Saturday.   (I won't be at the race, there are mountains in Colorado that need to be ran.)  The race holds a special place in my heart (most people who know me know I have no feelings so kinda a big deal.)  It was my first ultra distance (50k) and first trail race.  I signed up for the July race in 2012 when I realized I'd be getting a divorce and wanted something else to obsess over.  The race ended up being the day after I finalized my divorce.

Psycho Psummer 2012[/caption] -First post on this blog -First race I ran shirtless and thought it was like a big deal at the time -Wanted to drop to the 20 miler but was talked out of it and ran whole thing -Ran it in 7:05:48   The summer of 2013 I apparently had no time for blogging but mentioned it with a summer round-up here
-Drank a pitcher or so of margaritas the night before, 31 miles best way to rid yourself of a hangover -had huge cramping issue down both hamstrings and calves around mile 23(no idea what would have caused that, haha) but I salted and electrolyted up and walked it off -finished in 6:28:47   In 2014 I was into it and not as worried about the whole thing.  You never know now things will go when doing long distance but it's all good.  I made it my birthday run.
-Some women named Kaci Lickteig won that year ( She runs for Nike and won Western  States this year.) 
 -Apparently seeing another runner barfing and not doing well(over heated, dehydrated) got me all jazzed about running.  Not jazzed that he wasn't doing well but jazzed that he was going all in.                                                                                                               
 -I ran it in 6:01:19 and won 3rd (way way behind Kaci) but won $100, had no idea there was prize money for this race or that I'd place.   Last year I was all injured so didn't even attempt to run the race.  If one was going to be an injured trail runner last was the year to do it.  Many races in the area were either changed or a huge mud fest including this one because of all the rain. While I may not do the race again.  Limited time, limited funds, I'd rather spend them on far away trails and races for the most part.  I live close enough to WYCO I can head over and run the trails at my leisure.

I'm  excited to here about the race this year.  My friend Shawn will be running the 10 miler this Saturday.  Making it his first tail race.  He just started running trails this year.  I think he is hooked and I'm looking forward to his race report.

Anyone else make this their first trail race?

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