New Thoughts On Swiming


Swimming's not so Bad

I have kinda wanted to do a triathlon like in the back of my head for a few years.   But of course running is my favorite and that takes up a lot of time and swimming is hard and not my favorite.  Biking falls somewhere in the middle there.   Over a year ago when I was injured and not running I tried to give pool time a go and then promptly stopped once I could kinda run again.  Then this spring I was offered the opportunity to be an ambassador for the Olathe Medical Center Women's Triathlon on September 10th and so had to go for it.  The swimming is finally starting to feel improved this week. I feel like I'm breathing regularly and not drinking half of the pool up during my swim.  I can't see what I look like but my form feels improved even though I'm probably still a hot mess.  As it turns out once you can do it swimming is more fun. Watching the Olympics totally improved my swim, haha. I signed up for a membership at the pool so I'm committed.  Signed up Gretchen for more swim lessons because I'm turning that girl into a fish.  Conveniently I'll be able to do laps while she is taking her lessons this time around.

Tracking the laps

Swimming is hard so I want to know that I've done every single lap I need to train for. I find it hard to remember which lap I'm on trying to do 20 laps.  I'll be 6 laps in then all of a sudden It's "wait was that 6 or did I do 7 or only 5?"  I need to know so yesterday I pulled 10 pennies and a bag out of my gym bag.  Took a penny out for the first 10 then put them back one at a time each lap till done. If you're a swimmer how do you keep track?  Or do you not worry about it and go for time?  I think in the beginning of anything the need to track improvement feels important.

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