Race Shirt Redo


I ran the Beer Mile running event for the 2nd time a couple of weeks ago.  I mostly like the idea of running a beer mile.  Downing 4 beers over the course of a 1 mile run is different in real life.  It's kinda hard, can be kinda gross and is kinda not good for you.  However it is super fun!  I mean I agreed to do it again after last years race.  I was slower this year finishing in 18:41.   It was hotter out than last year.  I'm pretty sure the beer was of a higher alcohol content than last year and I cared even less about my finishing time.

Race Shirt Redo

Race t-shirts never fit, they are always to big, to small or just fit weird.  That's just the way it is.  Last year at the beer mile I ordered a medium and it was too small for me so this year I ordered a large and well it was kinda large on me. I liked the t-shirt color and the design so I decided I could just cut the shirt down and stitch to make it wearable.  Leaving the neckline intact I cut out the sleeves to make it a tank, trimmed down the sides and curved the bottom.   Finishing the edges  made it cute and wearable!

Let me know if you need me to restyle your race shirts for you, I'll make them fit, cute and wearable!

Have you repurposed your race shirts?  

I gave a huge bag of shirts to my mom in hopes that she'll turn them into a quilt:)

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