Dear Creepy Van Guy

Anyone recognize this guy?[/caption] Dear creepy guy rocking the porn stash, Why did you forget to wear a shirt today?  Do you own any shirts?  Maybe try wearing them.  I see shirtless guys on the trails but that is usually because they are hot from getting their run on.  The cigarette you are smoking tells me there was no exercise to warrant the shirt removal.  Why did you decide to drive your van up into the trail and then park?  That was clearly the trail parking lot you drove through first to get up on the trail.  A trail where there is only supposed to be bike and foot traffic.  There were other cars parked in the lot.  You could not of missed it. I would like to thank you for the reminder to always practice trail safety and stay aware of your surroundings.  I keep it simple, just pay attention, look tough, only have one headphone on when wearing them.  It would be ideal to run with a buddy but that's not always an option and sometimes I really prefer running alone. Hopefully seeing runner, bikers, and walkers out getting stuff done inspired you to put out the cigarette, lose the creepy mobile and try exercise but if not go be creepy somewhere else. Sincerely, The Crafty Runner

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