New Blog, New Post, New Marathon PR

It's been like 2 months since my last post.  I feel like I'm busier than ever, not sure that I am just feel like it.  I switched my blog back over to Blogger from Wordpress.  Wordpress is hipper and what everyone seems to want to use but it's not free and it's complicated.  I decided Blogger looks just as good, easier and free.  I'm big on the free part and I probably won't mess anything up here, keeping it simple.  All the posts that I had written on WP I had to manually move over to Blogger so it took a while, the comments are gone and none of the links work at the moment.

I feel like my workouts for the most part have been on point.  Can always be better but getting workouts in is a top priority with me and I've been getting in a decent amount of trail time.

Two weeks ago I got to pace along with John for Melissa in finishing her first 100 miler, The heartland 100.  She trained really well and smart for this getting in all her training miles and following a plan so I knew she would finish.  I ran with her for the last 25ish miles and was so impressed with how much running and little walking she did after already running 75 miles.

Last Friday while work was super slow I may of been scrolling through FB when I happened to see a post from Run 816 that they were giving away 3 entries into the Kansas City Marathon on Saturday.  Um yes please!  I just happened to be free the next morning so I was pumped that I got one of the entries.  I needed a nice supported long run.

I was up at 5 Saturday morning and out the door by 5:30.  Gretchen gets points for being so agreeable with me getting her up early to drop her at her dads.  The thing I hate about large races is finding parking and making your way to the start line.  Lucky for me I know the race area well.  I parked across the street from Union Station(where I work) only a block from the start line.  I went into Union Station for the bathroom so I could avoid the pot o potties and lines for them before the race.

 It was unusually warm out which I like, others were worried it would get too hot but the sun never came out keeping it fairly cool.  Since it was an impromptu fun marathon run for me I went watch less.  My garmin is strapless,  I kinda know my speed when I run so I find myself caring less and less about actual time, pace while running.  I just like to have a general idea.  It's the Kansas City marathon so every mile was marked.

 I did however carry my phone in my hand for the entire race.  I needed to stop for a pic at mile 4 and a halfish with the owners of Run816.  They are the nicest and know running shoes, go see them the next time you need a pair.

Mile 7ish this guy just pulled out from his house and drove down the street honking at the runners to get out of his way.  The roads are closed to drivers during the race but I kinda side with this guy.  I work at Union Station and there are a some what absurd amount of races that the roads get closed down for, trying to get to work on a Saturday morning can be a huge pain in the butt.  

I felt pretty good the whole race.  Even towards the end I was still feeling into running.  My feet hurt a little, I'm guessing due to the race being all on pavement.  I finished in 3:46:40 which turns out is a PR for me.  My previous PR was the 2011 KC Marathon with a time of 3:47:27.  It was 11 months after Gretchen was born so I trained for that one.


  1. Very nice impromptu marathon! If I ran one tomorrow it wouldn't be pretty.

  2. Loved this recap, Kristen!! I'm still working on mine!! haha

    I just drool over your!! I was two hours behind you in crossing the finish line. Yet, I was pretty danged happy to have been able to do my first mara at my advanced age!! was a mara PR for me, too....just way slower than yours.

    We were very lucky that it didn't get as hot as they were predicting and that it was overcast during most of the time and we had the wind. All in all, it wasn't bad. However, that was my 7th year straight to run a distance in that event and it was by far the warmest day of them all.

    I'm so proud of you. You are such a strong runner....but I also know you work hard at being that way.....and it sure pays off!!! Great job!!! dana