Sweaty Workout Bag For My Sweaty Self


I making multiple outfit changes throughout my day going from different activities.  Sometimes it's workout to workout, sometimes it's work to workout.  Either way my costume change is sweaty, gross or both.  I was just throwing my dirty clothes straight into my gym back but that can get to smelling pretty quick.
The bag has two layers.  The outside layer is a slick water resistant canvas, the inside layer is ripstop. It zips up to keep your sweaty shirts and shorts fully contained and an elastic band to wrap around to keep it all contained in your gym bag.  The bag is 14.25 X 12.5 and contain a full sweaty outfit.   When you get around to doing laundry you can just throw the bag in with your wash.  
It keeps my gym bag from always smelling like it needs a wash.
Want to keep your gym or running clothes contained?  Hit me up online here or in person and I'll stitch you one up!


  1. I like the addition of the elastic to keep the bag small. I definitely want one. Today I'm using a CVS plastic bag.

    1. Bag would probably make a great stocking stuffer!

  2. What a great little invention you've got there Kristen, I love it!!