Keeping Warm After My Workout


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 Being cold is top of my list for least favorite things.  I'll run in the cold but I don't like it until the first mile is over and I'm warmed up.  So after a workout I want to pile on the clothes so I don't freeze.  Problem is I need multiple jackets since they get sweat soaked with each wear.  I'm trying to buy less and make more so I decided to put together a zip up sweat shirt.  

I used a sweatshirt I had as a template for this pattern switching it up a bit with a fold over collar front pockets and a wide waist band.  I picked a bright turquoise sweatshirt material that matched the blue water in patch I wanted to sew on the chest.  I bought the patch from my friend Ashley's store that is still up online at Upsidekc.   The patch gives my jacket that custom professional look.

workout wear

Something to keep me cozy and bright in the cold winter months! 

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