New Years Goals and revisiting last Years Goals

First up taking a look back at 2016's goals and how those worked out.

Run a Hard Ultra:  Nailed It!  Completed Never Summer 100k, may have hiked a decent amount through that race but I did it and it was hard.

Pull Ups or Else:  Or else I guess.  I'm still at a solid one but I haven't been trying.  May or may not put more effort into doing this.

Be a Badass:  IDK

Write positive reviews and/or mention quality customer service to people's manager:  Did it but not as much as I should, plan to continue and do more of it.

Reusable bags at the grocery store:  Just realized I spelled reusable wrong in the above picture that is from a year ago.  I should probably make it a goal to improve my spelling but I try to keep things realistic.  I have a cat now and I use these bags to clean out the litter box.  Also I'm just bad at remembering to bring bags to the store.  What is the correct thing to do here?  Buying bags to clean out the litter box with doesn't make sense when you can just have free ones.  Even though I'm killing the earth (Sorry earth.)  But is there a good way to clean out litter boxes daily without using a bunch of plastic bags?

Ok so 2016 was kinda hit or miss but whatever that's over on to the new!

Spend more time with Gretchen:  She has school,  I have work, we have long days.  She has two households, I have to send her to my parents house a good number of weekends so I can work.  It gets hard to get big blocks of time in with her.  I did take her Kindle away from her over a month ago so now more quality time (she is still not thrilled about this.)

Lean Out:  This has more to do with diet than exercise.  I don't think my diet is bad but even less processed foods, less sugar, less carbs, less alcohol and my muscles should start popping.  

Run another adventure filled race that is at least 100k long:  Besides David's Trail 50k here in a few weeks I haven't signed up for any races this year.  Have no idea what I want to do but I'm feeling like it's time for another 100 miler.  Any suggestions?

My New Year's Resolution is to quit waiting tables in favor of having a job that is more fulfilling and doesn't require me to work all the weekends and holidays.  Calling it a resolution and not a goal since I have no plan to make this happen or know what I would wanna do anyway that would make enough money so come December 31st 2017 I'll probably still be working for tips.  Keeping it real.

Any new years goals or resolutions you wanna share?  Love hearing about other peoples goals.  


  1. Hmm. I think my news year's resolutions should include spending more time with G too.
    I like the idea of having a goal of writing about good service. I try to tell the person and the person's boss but could write about too.
    Write my representatives in Congress each month.
    Eliminate snacking at night. (need to write that as a positive statement.)
    Add exercise on Tuesdays and Thursdays

  2. Love your 2017 goals. I hope you are able to make progress on each of them!!
    Happy New Year....and I definitely think you met the Badass Goal for 2016! You're a running beast! :)

  3. When I read "Lean Out" I thought it was like the opposite of "lean in" meaning saying no more or something. I'm going to try to take more chances and do more and think less in the new year.