Sweaty Bag for my Sweaty Self


Keep your sweaty clothes contained after your workout till you can get them to the wash in this zip up pouch that fits right into your gym bag.

I workout at the gym, I teach classes at a couple of gyms, I go run trails, occasionally I head to the pool (probably should do more of that.)  One gym bag for all of this.  With all the outfit changes it can get gross and smelly quick.  I needed to do something so I wasn't having to wash out my entire bag every week.  I came up with this bag that is like another pocket in the gym bag that can be taken right out and thrown into the wash at night.  Need to make it easy to be not gross or lets be honest I'll just be gross.

It keeps your gym bag from always smelling like it needs a wash.

I making multiple outfit changes throughout my day going from different activities. Sometimes it's workout to workout, sometimes it's work to workout. Either way my costume change is sweaty, gross or both. I was just throwing my dirty clothes straight into my gym back but that can get to smelling pretty quick. I made this bag to keep your sweaty clothes contained in your gym bag.

The bag has two layers. The outside layer is a slick water resistant canvas, the inside layer is ripstop. It zips up to keep your sweaty shirts and shorts fully contained. The bag is measures 12 X 9 inches flat and can contain a full sweaty outfit. When you get around to doing laundry you can just throw the bag in with your wash.

Blue or Pink!

How do you deal with your post exercise clothes?

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  1. I love my bag. Works great for my lunchtime workouts.