Go Hard When You Can't Go Long

It seems to work out that good weather and my free time do not coordinate.  Probably asking too much that I be off on nice days for outdoor activities but as I soon as I can find someone to pay me to be a pro runner that is all going to change.  We had some nice weather out Monday while I was at work.  Is it appropriate to ask customers to scarf their food down and leave at 3:00 when we close so that I can get a longer run in?  
I had 40ish minutes of free time by the time I changed and got out of the building.  Well when you can't go long you go hard.  I think it's a rule or something.  Luckily the stairs and hills surrounding Liberty Memorial across the street provide the perfect set up for this.

There is at least a 1000 different ways you could set up a great workout around this place with all the stair sets, hills, paved loop, and grass areas.  Monday I did this:

The Workout

1 mile warm up run 

1)  Run up the stairs
2) Down the hill
3) Down the stairs
4) Flat to uphill 

1 lap was about .22 mile

Repeat for 1.5 miles

.5 mile easy run

The last .5 mile was on the way back to the car where I promptly jumped in, changed outfits and drove over to my evening class pumped up for teaching 45 minutes of cardio and strength work.

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