Run MO Trails!


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There are a ton of trails, sweet landscapes and nature all around us.  When I do vacation and travel I prefer it to be for exploring trails in other places.  Unfortunately I can't do that all the time (unless I can figure out how to make money doing that.)  Luckily there are a ton of cool trails right here in my area of the Midwest.  Trails I had no clue about 4 years ago when I was only running roads.  I have learned so much in the past 4 years.  I used to think you needed headphones and music to run, turns out you don't.  Unless you have to turn to the treadmill of course.  I had no idea how many trails where in the Kansas City area.  When I ran my first 50k trail race the only trails I knew about where the ones I was running on in Wyandotte County Lake Park.  Turns out there are plenty of trails on the east side, west side, south, north and right in the middle of Kansas City. 

Side note:  I run trails by myself sometimes.  I have mileage goals and a weird schedule that can change weekly.  I think it's BS that society thinks that women should have to run in groups or else its their fault if something happens. Telling women that they can only travel in groups is not a solution to the problem of men thinking they can harass or assault women.  That said I probably still wouldn't run the trails in urban KC by myself.  Do what you want and whatever you're comfortable with just be aware.   

I'm always running these sweet Missouri trails for free and loving it! I had these vinyl stickers made up to show my love for trails and Missouri. $5/sticker and I'm giving all the cash to Urban Trail Co here in the Kansas City area since I'm always using their hard work. Stickers are 3.5" X 3.75" and great for your rear car window. Buy here or hit me up on the trails:)

Looks great on any dirty trail runners vehicle!  Just be sure to wipe the dirt off before you stick it on.


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