How the Waitress Life Allows for A Life to Pursue Your Passions


Probably means I'm doing something right.  When I first see this the immediate reaction is ugh waitressing isn't a goal job.  While I'm decent at it anyone can get a serving job.  Literally anyone, they will hire anyone.  Now some people can't handle it and end up quitting or get taken off the schedule but anyone can get hired.

There are a lot of upsides to waiting tables.  I rarely work 40 hours a week (I supplement my waitress income with teaching group exercise classes  so I can wait tables even less.) Schedule is flexible.  Don't have to sit down and look at a computer all day.  Might be free food involved.  Have time off when Gretchen is in school so I can go run for hours on end.  Once I leave work I don't have to think about it or bring any work home unless it is free food:)

I do have to work on most weekends when other people have time for their long runs which does usually mean I'm doing a lot of my running alone.  I don't particularly mind it just as long as it's not all the time.

My life goals might be my hobbies and to be able to do them as much as possible.  If I worked a "normal" job I wouldn't have the 20+ hours a week I take for running and weight lifting.  I like sewing, crafting, and messing around on this blog but chances are none of this will ever make me a living wage.

Gretchen sees I work in a cool looking building and bring food to people.  She remembers every thing she has ate there when visiting me in the past 3 years.  She also sees I spend a lot of time running, working out and sewing.  Hopefully doesn't mind too much that she gets to spend extra time with her grandparents since I have to work a lot of weekends (the one real downside.)

While I may hope Gretchen does something different than wait tables,  I hope she does what she truly wants to do in life.  Doing what you truly want in life is what's most important.  What you want to do may not lead to a "real job"  by other standards but finding a job that isn't bad and allows you to do the most of what you want with your life is worth it.

P.S.  All that said I'm still always trying to figure out an even better option.

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