Race Prep: Bryce Canyon 100

Now that I'm in full taper mode and Bryce 100 is just over a week away I finally have time to look and see what this race is all about.  You know the things most people do before they sign up for a race.

I picked this race for a few reasons :

I needed a western states qualifier for the year because I might as well try for that
I know several other people who are going to be running different distances at the race
The views are supposed to be amazing 
I've never been to Bryce 
I was having a bad day and signing up for crazy things always peps me up

I read through the race website and made some notes to try and figure out what possible time it might be reasonable for me to finish in.
The overall elevation is a 1000-2000ish, less than Never Summer my race from last year.  Then there is less elevation gain per mile if you divide it out but it's also 36 miles longer that Never Summer so there's that.
Bryce Canyon 100 had last years finishers times listed in a google document.  There was 19 female finishers so I looked up each of them on ultra signup then cross referenced there overall rank and age rank with mine to try and figure out a goal time.  I came up with 27 hours as a hard but reasonable goal.  This has me finishing around 9 am Saturday morning.  I could be totally off on this and things can always go wrong but I feel like my training has been more on point than any of my previous races so I'm going with it.

I now care more about the weather in Bryce than the weather here in Missouri.  Apparently it will get a little chilly at night.  Glad I checked that out before race day.

Now I just have to pack and loosen up my hamstrings.  

See anything wrong with my math or reasoning on pace?

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