Ready or Not Bryce Canyon 100

Race start is less than 3 days from now and I'm starting to get a little stir crazy  about it.  The way you feel when you go from running 70+ miles a week and spending 7+ hours in the gym a week to running about 10 miles in the past week and skipping the gym a couple of times.   I made an unplanned trip to the gym today so I'd chill out.  Just did arms, don't figure I'll need them for running.  I didn't give up my diet so I've managed to put on a pound or two in the past week.   Come Friday I'll be ready to pounce and the extra weight will be gone by the end of the day.

I not particularly nervous about the race itself.  The travel stresses me out way more.  I'm a throw your stuff in the car and go then figure it out when you get there type.  This time my parents, daughter and plane rides are involved so there was planning.

Reasons not to be nervous about such things as long races

*You chose to do this 
                  -I signed up, paid and made travel and work arrangements to make it happen.
*It doesn't really matter what happens 
                  -It just doesn't. 
*Get some time to yourself to think
                  -The race offers up to 36 hours of free time with my phone in airplane mode!
*Probably won't kill you
         -I mean anyone can go at anytime and you might as well be doing something awesome                                                                      when it happens.
*Get to see cool shit you wouldn't otherwise experience 
-All the views!  All the trails!  All the hours!  Best way to experience  nature is to fully immerse yourself in it.
*Be a bad ass
-I mean if you wanna be a bad ass you have to do crazy bad ass stuff.
*No regrets
-End of life, why didn't I try that kind of stuff.

Made I music play list like last year.

Actually it is all the classics from my race last year but I added a bunch of Rancid and a little H20 since they seemed to be my favorites during all my high mileage weeks.  Flying in this year so maybe I'll listen to it on the plane.  Parents are coming with and not sure my mom would be down with the play list on our drive from Vegas to Bryce but you never know.

I'm packed, kinda:)

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