Fun Runs

With no real race plans in my current future I've been doing a little of this and a little of that.  Finally went to a yoga class last week.  Holy yoga!  Good reminder of how inflexible I am.  Making the class a weekly thing, need to find one more class that fits into my schedule.  

Mostly I've been up to a few random runs and spending time on the stair master.

The ex found out there is a thing called the "beer mile."  There was a trail version,  I wasn't going to do it but you know I was there, there was beer.  I beat the ex and won 1st female.  That High Life can trophy is on the mantel with all my other running stuff.

Then when Erica posted about doing Koach Karl's Hardest Half on the 4th of July,  I thought that it sounded like a way better idea than a crowded 4 on the 4th or 5k race.  Didn't think the ex would be in since his longest distance so far had been a half marathon or tell me it was a bad idea since the race went through some questionable areas of Kansas City.   

The morning started out with some pouring rain and I was feeling questionable about the whole thing.  Of course I don't know how to back out of or quit things so it was happening.  Luckily Erica made laminated printed directions for everyone so we wouldn't get lost on the unmarked course.  Or mostly not get lost,  I did add in an extra 1/2 mile up and down a big hill.  
It rained heavily for over half the race,  that with it being July 4th there was really no one out on the streets.  It was fun/slightly scary to run a route that I would never normally be on.  Also he picked out all the biggest hills in KC to run up.  Having to read the directions as you ran made it sort like a scavenger hunt.  "Where do I go next?"  I ran most of the race with this other girl Kris so not alone on the 14 mile route and saw some cool areas of KC. 

There were about 20 of us who ran the thing and it ended with us running up and down this steep and slick brick street.

Then I had Saturday off work and there was this charity Fat Ass run at Clinton lake so why not.   It was a 5ish mile trail loop and I went out for 3 casual loops, it was fun to keep running (haha) into friends along the loop.

John Knepper did an awesome job taking the pics for the event. 

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