Recovery and Returning to Training

Now that's it has been 11 days out from Bryce 100 and I've eaten enough tacos and ice cream cake that my pants are staying up again it's time to think about what I wanna work on next.  I'd like to lean out a bit (probably should of cleaned up the diet a few tacos ago) so I looked more ripped.  Then I want to pick another 100 to take a stab at.  I don't wanna say how soon yet.

Recovering from the 100 was like the easiest thing ever (maybe not ever but pretty easy.)  I was a bit stiff the next day but really only after sitting still.  As long as I kept moving I felt good.
For comparison after running my 1st marathon in 2007 it was 2 weeks before I felt back to normal.  I remember going out for a walk the next day only because the coach from my training group told us too.  I kept feeling like my legs were going to fall out from under me and my hip, knee, ankle joints were not wanting to work together.  The more you do the easier it gets.

I did I few things different this training cycle that I think helped not only get me through the race but make getting back to it a breeze.

-Was on point with all my weeks runs and workouts except for one.  Normally I will have several weeks of not getting in all my planned miles.  This round there was only one.

-Weights.  I used to lift like a runner, lite weights, twice a week, full body.*  Now I lift like a weight lifter,  heavy weights, 5-7 days a week, body parts divided up.

-Stair Master.  I think all the time spent on this helped a ton.  I plan on upping my time on it.  In ultras there is a lot of up hill hiking involved and the faster you can do it the better.  It is no impact so reduces chances of injury during training.  I just ordered this weighted vest to wear while I'm hiking up it.  Boyfriend says I'm in for a treat.

-Having this girl around.   We ran lots together while I was training and she paced me for 22 miles of the race.

Just need to add in some yoga and more stretching, so much more stretching.  Then I'll be set up for success (as my managers like to say while I mock immaturely behind their backs.)

Anyone else train with a weighted vest?  Thoughts?

*Not that there is anything wrong with lifting like a runner.  Clearly I'm not an elite runner,  just trying for a lifetime of fun and badassery.   I wasted a my teenage and early twenties on nothingness so I've got some making up to do.

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