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Midwest Mountain Running Co is about training for adventure and exploring your own backyard.  There is a lot of cool areas to explore and run in the Midwest.  There are no limits on the amount of work you can put in for yourself at the gym or on the trails to become a stronger more efficient runner. The more work and training you put in the less prone to injury or burnout will occur while training to tackle big mountains. 

There are no big mountain ranges in Missouri but you wanna run in the mountains so you sign up for a race anyway.  Yes, you are at a disadvantage, no elevation to practice dealing with and no long steep climbs to practice on.  The limitations you are faced with doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it and attempt to do it well.  We do what we can with what we have.

Someone will always have better resources and more time to train in.  We just work harder and plan better with the time we have to get stronger!

We challenge ourselves to be more creative in our workouts and runs.  We keep things fun and flexible in order to work around your already busy schedule.  Exploring new trails to run and mixing up your lifting and flexibility plans keeps your mind interested.  We make your body stronger when it doesn't always know what to expect.

I went to go run my first mountain race Never Summer 100k in Colorado.  Someone asks “where are you from?”
“Kansas City”
“Oh really, good luck with the race.” chuckling
I heard that more than once.  The race was pretty insane and crazy hard.  I only had a little idea how my body would react to the altitude and training to climb mountains you've never seen is hard to plan for but I figured it out and did it.  

We will set big goals for you then make the training as big, fun and diverse as the goal itself.  Explore the possibilities in your training.  Crafting workouts that fit your time and workout spaces indoors and out.  Finding new running spots and training options along the way to your greatest goals and events.

Would you like some help in getting started?  How about  a plan to tackle your fitness goals or  train for a race?   Midwest Mountain Running can help craft you a plan.  Learn more on Run Coaching.

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