How Waitressing Prepares You To Run Ultras

Unfortunately I have to have a real job since people expect me to pay bills and stuff.  There has been talk of moving to a cave with some running friends and avoiding the bill stuff but I suppose a cave presents its own problems.  So I try to find ways my job actually helps me become better at my # 1 fun, running!  Transferable skills and all that.

1) Time on your feet- The most obvious one.  The Shifts I work are usually between 6 -9 hours.  Rarely do I sit down during a shift, if it's busy you are constantly walking a decent pace around the restaurant.  Added bonus:  our restaurant has stairs, hill training :)

2) Mental toughness - You have to be a yes person and pretend to be happy about it all day long with all your guests.  Sure sometimes this is easy to do and other times while you want to strangle someone but instead you go get them another coke because their kid took the lid off of his cup and then promptly spilled it on the floor.  In a race sometimes loving it is easy and other times you have to tell yourself that there is no pain in your calf every time you step down and it's cool that you ran out of water with 4 miles left to the next aid station.

3) Constant forward motion - You don't stop until it's over.  The shift or the race.  Sometimes you have to speed up or things get more difficult than you would like.  Then other times you can take it a little easier but you still keep going till the end.

4) Not feel pain - I take pride in my ability to hold hot plates and act totally cool when taking them to the table acting like my fingers aren't burning.  Same thing in a run.  That constant chafing in that spot that you forgot to lube up.  You just ignore it,  act cool and keep going.

5) Comfortable with being gross - At work I have to wear black pants, button down black dress shirt and long black apron.  The air is usually not cool and I'm running around the whole time.  I get sweaty and I'm messy so there is usually ketchup, syrup or some sort of sauce on me at any given point.  Running trails you get sweaty and dirty pretty fast.  Then you stay that way till the end of your shift or your race.

How does your job train you for you running?  Would love to know!

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