Nashville: Trail Running in Percy and Edwin Warner Parks

Back in Nashville I spent both mornings out on the trails of Percy and Edwin Warner Parks.  There are 26 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails or just running trails as I call them all in these Nashville parks.

Such pretty views and well maintained trails to run right in the city.  This was the only destination we needed a car for on our trip, a 20- 30 minute drive from our place depending on traffic.  Totally worth the drive.  The first day was spent in Percy the larger of the 2 parks and I ran about 8 miles on the hiking trails.  Everything was well marked and well taken care of.  Lots of hills to run up and down and tall trees to run around.  Having never run in the Nashville area I was happily surprised with all the ups and downs the park had to offer.

There were a ton of different surface options for exploring.  I went for all the dirt paths but there were paved paths going all through the park.   Might of jumped on the equestrian trails but looked like I would of been battling spider webs the whole time.   There wasn't enough time to check out all the trails in the park. 

Cool stairs to run up and down at one of the park entrances.

Day two we checked out Edwin park and did about 3 miles of running and goofing off.  Smaller but just as nice and a nature center with kids activities.

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