Wallace State Park Run

State Parks are pretty cool, Wallace is a little one up by Cameron, MO.  Last month my daughter had spent a couple days with my aunt in Cameron so when I went to pick her up I figured I needed to make a stop.  Wallace is about an hour drive right off of HWY 35 from where I'm at in Kansas City, MO.

It was a weekday afternoon so I pretty much had the place to myself.  It was also spider web season so this meant running the place holding a stick in front of my face to break all the cob webs since few people had been out that day.  There are a few shorter trails located in the park you can put them all together to get a longer run in.  
I had been running here once before on New Year's Day 2 years ago for a 50k fat ass that a Cameron man puts on every year.  It was crazy cold for that race but afterwards there was an amazing buffet of food at his house for all the runners.  I think it still happens.

This day I did all but the Old Quarry Trail.  Everything is well marked and short so I doubt you could get too lost in it.  Everything is really runnable with a few hills but nothing crazy.  It could be a little cleaner, random tires in the creek bed and such but not bad.  I would of run around the place longer but decided to parent and go pick up the kid:)

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