Rock Bridge Revenge Race Report: I Ran A Little Extra

 Apparently Rock Bridge Revenge was closer to 30 miles but since I can't follow directions I added a few miles on.

Originally I had planned on making the drive from Kansas City to Columbia the night before but that didn't work out so instead I was up at 3:45 on Saturday morning.  I think this might be the earliest I've ever gotten up for a race.  I threw my stuff including Gretchen into the car and made 2 stops.  One for my sister and one for coffee.  

We arrived about 40 minutes before race start.  Just enough time to grab my number, use the bathroom and lube up my body.  There were 30-40ish runners there for the 50k.  Great number,  it's not crowded, you can drive right up to where the race starts then just jump out and go.

The race started dry and the trails were really nice.  Some great runnable sections mixed with some serious hills.  I liked the down hills a lot.  It was about a 15 mile loop from what I understand, that the 50k's would run twice.  
I didn't really feel like I "trained" for this race.   I just like to keep my self in decent enough shape to run a 50k at anytime.  
The first stretch of trail was 6ish miles to an aid station then a mile out to the lollipop section of the course.  About a mile and halfish into this part the trail goes straight but it also makes a sharp left turn.  I should of made that left turn.  There were pink flags showing the turn but for whatever reason I didn't see the pink flags the first time and going straight you met up with the other side of the race course.  I also clearly wasn't paying attention when then mentioned an aid station in this section of the course so I ran to the last aid station.  At this point I thought it wasn't right and asked.  They said there was a mile left and me and this other guy where the first ones so clearly not correct.  

I stood around for a minute or a few texting (because any serious runner spends time during a race texting her best friend about how lame her sense of direction is) and deciding if I just wanted to end it because I was irritated with my self or go back and redo it.  I decided just to go back and find what I'd missed since quitting would of only given me 10 miles for the day.  This trip seemed like way too much work for only 10 miles of running.  Once I got back out to the section I knew I screwed up on I started looking a lot harder and the turn seemed obvious.  Went through it, found the aid station and shorty after it started raining fairly hard and things got muddy.  It was all kind of whatever at this point and I didn't pay too much attention to my time, eventually making it back to the start with 19.2 miles done.  Also awesome that some of the 25ker's that started and hour after the 50ker's were coming in to the finish.  As in not awesome for me.  I sent a text to my sister letting her know not expect me back anytime soon and went out for the 2nd loop.  I figured I'd get a decent negative split on the race course since I didn't plan on adding any extra miles to my 2nd loop.

The rain stopped early into the 2nd loop and some parts of the trail where dry and in good shape other parts were a muddy, sloppy mess.  I took a few of the miles pretty slow since I didn't care anymore but tried to pick it up reminding myself that finishing today would be ideal and my sister might want to leave at some point.

Took a few pics on the 2nd loop.  It was a pretty area for sure!

Like the 3rd time I've worn these shoes.  Now they look just like all my other Altra's, dirt colored.

The real reason I finished the race.  I didn't want to throw this stuff in the trash.  I'll do a lot for a sticker.

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