New Year, New Goals

So apparently I still have a blog, it's been over a month since I've bothered with it.  However I know the 15 of you that read this thing have been anticipating my new year's post where I look back on last years goals.  Then make awesome new goals for the new year.  Here we go over a week in but whatever:)

First up 2017:

Kept it simple last year and I was successful.  

Spend more time with Gretchen:  I think I did.  It's hard to know if your spending enough.  Work always gets in the way, she spends time elsewhere, I workout at excess.

Lean out:  I'm a little leaner and more muscular than I was this time last year.  Of course I always want a little bit more.

Run another adventure filled race that is at least 100k long:  Bryce Canyon 100 miler, totally finished it and did a decent job.  Wound like to do better at my next big race this year.


Positive Thoughts:  What you think you become BS ( still working on it obviously.)

Stop using the words "stupid"  and "sorry" so casually:  Using stupid to preface whatever I'm about to say in case the person I'm taking to does actually think it's stupid.  Sorry when I'm not actually sorry at all it's just what I think.

Worrying about future things:  Because what's the point?

Lean out:  I already said it.  Do a little more, look a little more like a bad ass.

Make more: Things are better when you made them yourself.  Being creative is a good outlet.

Sell Running/Workout Stuff I create:  Put some actual effort into putting the stuff I make out there.

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